Skiing Topless

In honor of the last week of ski season, I am telling my most embarrassing ski story of the year.

Since I teach young children to ski, I had to get a tuberculosis test. Now a TB test consists of being pricked in your arm and then having it checked 48 hours later to see if there’s any reaction. The check must be done by a doctor in that timeframe or you have to get pricked again.

Day 3 of my training to be a ski instructor was supposed to be an all day, indoor affair that was offsite from the resort. All that meant to me was that I wouldn’t ski on opening day. However, they released us at 2:00 with the promise we would have our arms checked by ski patrol.

Though I was desperate to ski, I had one small problem; I wasn’t wearing ski clothes. I had my coat and ski pants in my car (I always do, just in case there’s a skiing emergency), but I was wearing jeans and a nice blouse. No problem, I thought, I’ll just strip down to my underwear and put on my outer clothing with no one being the wiser.

This plan was perfect until I went into ski patrol and they asked me to take my coat off to check my arm. It was only then that I remembered — I wasn’t wearing a shirt.

I pulled the sleeve up on my coat as far as it could go, which was a hair past the injection mark. The doctor looked at me a little oddly as I strained against the coat to get it a little farther up, but he diagnosed me as TB free anyhow.

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