Why Women Struggle at Learning a New Sport

The only instruction I received for driving a snowmobile was that it runs like a four-wheeler. I crashed it into a creek the first day. I was also yelled at for not watching the overheating gauge (that I didn’t know existed) and overheating the machine. The group spent the day waiting for me to catch up since I didn’t dare go fast.

I now hate snowmobiling. And I understand a big reason why women don’t try new sports or dislike it when they do.

I’ve seen them on the ski slope, the golf course, biking with boyfriends, brothers, and husbands all being told the thing they’re doing is easy, and they should just get it. I hear them apologizing for holding everyone else up. Women HATE to cause other people difficulty.

So how do we get passed this initial awkwardness and actually enjoy the sport we’re trying to learn?

  1. Ditch the person with you who’s the so-called expert at teaching. Being good at a sport doesn’t mean you’re good at teaching it. If it’s something you really want to do, pay for a lesson or find someone at your own skill level to do it with until you feel more comfortable.
  2. Do not feel guilty for holding the group back. I’ve been with people who were very patient with me, and I still hated making them wait. It’s okay, everyone has had to learn at some time, and everyone is at different levels.
  3. Don’t give up. We as adults forget that rarely are we naturally good at something. Just because it’s difficult at first doesn’t mean it is worthless.
  4. I recently went golfing with a friend who can’t golf that well either and we had a blast. No holding anyone up, no feeling guilty, and without the pressure, I actually golfed better.

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