Utah Lake, Fun or Eww?

Anytime I tell people that we boat in Utah Lake, I usually get one response, “Eww.”

Utah Lake has a reputation for being dirty, swampy, and polluted. People drive right passed the big mass of blue to lakes an hour or two down the road. Rumors abound about water skiing with moss dragging behind skis and stopping the propeller.

I debated writing this blog since I kind of like people having this opinion. If everyone took their boat out on Utah Lake, it’d get a little crowded, and I like feeling like we’ve got things to ourself. But since no one seems to believe me, I decided it’d be a safe gamble.

I’ll admit that Utah Lake is not as pristine as some place like Lake Powell but it’s a heckuva lot closer than Lake Powell. It is a little dirty but that’s more due to it’s shallowness and the fact the carp feed off the bottom more than any outside pollutant. Just don’t swallow the water. The refineries that used to make their home on the shores have moved out and the state has done a great job in returning the lake to its glory. Mosquitos get bad along the edge but aren’t a bother out on the lake.

The perks are many. It’s a huge lake (150 square miles). You don’t feel like you need to carry a flag when you ski to keep from getting ran over (like at Pineview). Because of its depth, it warms up a lot quicker than surrounding lakes. With several boat ramps, there’s not a huge line to put in (unless you’re on the west side).

If you don’t own a boat, no problem. Utah Lake has some great shore fishing spots (I prefer bow fishing). There’s a few beaches and great swimming. You don’t have to worry about the kids going over their heads a few feet out or cutting their feet on rocks. And if all this hasn’t given you the urge to try it for yourself, then all I have to say is, good, we won’t miss you.

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