Paddle Boarding in Utah

Yes, you can paddle board in land-locked Utah. And, yes, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is awesome.

Having taken my first surf lesson last fall, I’ve been dying to do it again. However, living in Utah means finding a substitute. I went to Jordanelle Reservoir to help satisfy my craving. While you can rent paddle boards to use on any water, Jordanelle is the only lake I found that rents them lakeside. (I was little nervous about hauling an 11-foot board on top of my car down the freeway.) Continue reading “Paddle Boarding in Utah”

Sporting Good Equipment: Buy, Rent, or Steal

Sadly, this picture doesn’t include my camping gear, firearms, or boating equipment.

We do one of two things when it comes to buying sporting good equipment. We either go all out and buy the most expensive gear, including matching clothes after trying the sport once. Or, we beg, borrow, or buy the cheapest stuff available. Either way, we’re in for some problems.

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When Adventure Goes Awry

The morning after I rolled my first four-wheeler and a few hours before I ran out of gas and had to be towed back. Memories.

This Saturday we sat on the dock of the Utah Lake boat ramp listening to every agonized crank of the boat engine refusing to turn over. We launched the boat with no problems but as the trailer pulled away, the boat refused to start. The current pushed us toward the dock and a few of us jumped out to hold the boat while we used the manual to troubleshoot any and every problem.

After 1.5 hours, we gave up, walked the boat up the trailer, and pulled it out. As we tarped everything back up, my four-year-old niece said, “We forgot to swim.”

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