Skiing Opening Day at Alta Blind

I love to celebrate the opening of the ski year at Alta Ski Resort. However, since it is my first ski day of the year, I always manage to forget something. Two years now, I’ve forgotten the right eye gear. The first time, I didn’t have goggles, glasses, anything. It snowed; I never expect it to snow on opening day. I crawled down the greens blinded by the snow and drops of water pouring into my eyes. Several instructors out on the mountain gave out tips. I skied by one on a shallow green who called out, “You’re doing great. You’re almost there.”

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Women’s Only Races: Helpful or High School

Whether it’s running, skiing, biking, climbing, or another sport, Utah offers a plethora of women’s only races and training events. There’s a variety of opinion on the reason they’re held and whether it’s sexist to even have them.

One reason for these events, people argue, is that some women don’t like to try a new sport around men. They don’t like to feel as if they’re competing with the guys (and coming up short) or getting in the way. They also like the camaraderie of competing with their friends and the women’s events usually make the day more of a social event than just a sporting event.

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