The Measure of Greatness

Last week Chrissie Wellington, four-time ironman world champion, announced her retirement. I have watched Chrissie compete over the years, and have always been amazed by her talent. One announcer said of her, “There’s Chrissie and then there’s everyone else.” Of her many wins, the race I remember the best was 2010, the year she pulled out of the ironman the morning of.

She had set up her transition area, done interviews with the press leading up to it, and checked in the night before. But come morning, she was a no show. I watched from my house thousands of miles away as competitors and officials walked around debating, was she coming or not. Eventually word came down that due to sickness, she would be pulling out. Her competitors, rather than celebrating, were confused. They had based their races off of hers and now how to rethink their strategy.

I wondered how it would be to be so good at something that you are the benchmark by which others measure themselves. And even more so, people watch you to learn and determine their own course of action.

This doesn’t have to be limited to the sports world. Heck, you could be the best data entry person your company has ever seen. Revolutionizing their methods and bettering the company. To be great at something, you have to come into it with a great deal of passion, some degree of talent, and heck of a lot of hard work.

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