Common Mistakes When Teaching Kids to Ski: Proper Terrain

Skiing in an edgie wedgie, then he’s not ready for a black diamond.

It’s part 2 in my 4-part series about the common mistakes parents make teaching their kids to ski.

Last week I was on the lift and glanced down to see a father tying an edgie wedgie to his son’s skis. The problem with this scene: they were parked at the top of a blue mogul run. If your child still needs an edgie wedgie, get back to the learning hill.

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Why I’ll Never Meet a Guy on the Ski Lift

I’m single, and I’m a skier. I have been told many times that a girl skier such as I will get picked up on the lift by a guy. It’s just a matter of time.

I believed in this until one day I got a good look at myself after a hard day of skiing. Most days the only part of my face showing through is my nose—my very runny nose. Due to my height and lack of figure with the bulky clothing, I look like I’m twelve, and often get asked where I go to school. When I do strip a layer at the end of the day, my face is bright red, I have helmet hair, and I’m wearing some not so flattering stretchy pants.

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