Welcome to Woman Weekend Warrior

I’m a writer, and everybody told me if you’re going to be a writer you need to have a blog. And you need to blog about writing. I blogged about writing for a few months before running out of things to blog about. Big surprise that writing about writing doesn’t produce gripping posts. My nonexistent audience was bored right along with me.

I started blogging about whatever topic tickled my fancy, and soon realized that the posts I was the most excited about were the outdoor stories. I went to a writers’ conference bursting with the idea to change my blog to an outdoors blog. I approached one of the keynote speakers with a hugely popular blog with my idea. Her response, you should really blog about writing. She seemed shocked that I couldn’t find original thoughts each week.

You’d think she’d burst my bubble but I wasn’t looking for advice, I was looking for confirmation. Since she didn’t give it to me, I gave it to myself. Within a few months of changing my format, I tripled my page views. But more importantly, I was having a much easier time finding subjects to write about and enjoying writing. That was and is enough.

After a few more months, I redesigned the blog and gave it a URL. You can see the previous incantation here. That brings us up to the present. I want this blog to celebrate being an outdoor woman, with fun stories, observations, and the occasional tip. Someday I’d like to have guest bloggers join in on the fun but for now it’s just my voice crying from the wilderness.

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