Common Mistakes When Teaching Kids to Ski: Proper Terrain

Skiing in an edgie wedgie, then he’s not ready for a black diamond.

It’s part 2 in my 4-part series about the common mistakes parents make teaching their kids to ski.

Last week I was on the lift and glanced down to see a father tying an edgie wedgie to his son’s skis. The problem with this scene: they were parked at the top of a blue mogul run. If your child still needs an edgie wedgie, get back to the learning hill.

Mistake 2: Not choosing the proper terrain. I know you’re bored. You’ve gone down the kiddie hill and around the cones a zillion times. If you have to go up the rope pull one more time, you will jam a pole into the mechanics to shut that thing down. It’s your one day off and if you can’t ride a real lift, life is unfair.

But remember you’re not teaching your kid for a day, you’re teaching her for life. To help your kid develop a love of skiing and the skills to challenge you, she needs a foundation of safety, trust, and fun.

But if it’s a powder day, put her in ski school. Check back Tuesday for part 3.

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