Awkward Places to Change Clothes

I saw this towel online, which is designed to change clothes underneath. My first thought was ‘what a waste of money.’ But then I remembered all of the awkward places I’ve changed clothes in public. I usually do this in my car, or let’s be honest, standing behind the car door. This is a sadly incomplete list of parking lots where I’ve changed clothes:

  • A truck stop off I-80
  • Seven Peaks
  • Deer Valley
  • Solitude
  • More rodeos than I can remember
  • Almost every reservoir in Utah
  • A casino in Vegas

My philosophy is why walk to a bathroom when you have a car door. Where’s the strangest place you’ve changed clothes at?

2 thoughts on “Awkward Places to Change Clothes

Add yours

  1. Strangest place? Behind my car in a car park directly beneath Tryfan (North Wales, UK). I was soaked to the skin so the walkers who suddenly appeared at the gate into the car park got a great view of my bright white bum wriggling into dry clothes!


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