Is Biking the Ugliest Sport?

I was stopped at a red light when several bikers went by in their matching spandex, and I laughed at the absolute geekiness of their outfit. My laughter cut off, however, with the realization that I had my bike in the back of my car and had just changed out of my own spandex.

I have come to the acceptance that biking has to be the ugliest sport. Before I picked it up, I would see the bikers in the morning with their matching spandex with brand logos on them and I assumed they were competing in some race. I mean who would wear logos on their training clothes?

When I went to buy my first biking outfit, I was shocked that people actually bought clothes with “Fruit Loops” on them. I’m of the belief system that if someone wants me to advertise their company across my butt, they should be paying me.

It took several months for me to buy my first jersey because the difficulty of finding something cute but practical. I’m please to say, things have gotten better in the last few years. Though there’s always room for improvement when we’re still wearing spandex.

Do you agree that biking is the ugliest sport? Or, is there another sport that ranks supreme?

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