Hilariously Bad Family Road Trips

In honor of Memorial weekend, we celebrate the horribly hilarious family road trips that could only result from the no seatbelt laws from our childhood.

Our family car was a single cab truck. So with two older brothers that meant I always had to sit on someone’s lap. My dad took the three of us on a five-hour road trip and to solve the lack of seats, he threw a mattress in the truck bed along with a few blankets and pillows.¬†We went down the interstate laying on the mattress, clutching the blankets to keep them from flying away, and having a total blast.

My poor friend’s family went on a cross-country two-week road trip in their eight-passenger van. The only problem was there were ten of them including a new baby and all their stuff. Before they started her mother gave out shoe boxes to each kid and told them that was all the space they had for personal belongings. My friend’s assigned seat in the car: the cooler.

Share your most hilariously bad road trip.

2 thoughts on “Hilariously Bad Family Road Trips

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  1. My worst trip involves another family that I met at about 70 miles per hour. The good news is that no one was hurt.

    Driving home one night from work about 10 years ago on the Maine turnpike I was in the travel lane going about 70 MPH.

    A van was passing me on the left when all of a sudden I saw a large brown blob in the road. With no time to react I hit ( a moose that had been previously hit by a truck further ahead).

    My car left the ground! When I landed the car started fish tailing and as I frantically tried to correct I hit the canon my left and started to spin.

    The last thing I remember before passing out we’re headlights, from the van behind me as they hit me head on.

    When I came to, I heard crying and saw smoke ( later I found out it was powder from my air bag).

    As I got out of the car a man came running up to me and hugged me. He was the man driving the van. He told me he thought he had killed me and was happy he hadn’t. (Me too)

    As we all sat on the side of the road and calmed down after finding that no one in any of the vehicles involved had been hurt.

    He told me his story. His family had left Florida that morning for a maine vacation. They had a flat, changed it and then miles later blew the spare. Then after buying two tires and getting towed they blew their radiator.

    After waiting for hours at a garage and finally getting it fixed the got back on the road and several hours later….they ran into me!

    Not a great road trip for them or me.


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