My Outdoor Grandma

On August 14, 2013, my grandmother Arlene Dymock passed away unexpectedly. As I sat at her bedside, I searched my mind to recall all of the good moments before they faded. I realized that most of my outdoor childhood memories contained her. Whether hiking the trail to Angel’s Landing or four-wheeling in Moab, she was there.

This was taken when she was around 78 or 79. Two weeks before she passed at 83, she told my aunt she wanted to ride again.

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Bear River Brawl Triathlon Review

There are usually two triathlons a year in Bear Lake. This review is for the Brawl although the course is the same for both. The year I competed in the Brawl was a disorganized race. The organizers sent out an email the next day¬†apologizing for the chaos and personally apologizing for the park ranger who “managed to offend every athlete and their families.”

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