Top Ten Reasons To Unfollow Someone on Twitter

I confess, I’m fairly touchy with the unfollow button on Twitter. I even periodically go through my follow list with the goal to cut a certain amount of people before I allow myself to follow more people. See below for what sets off my trigger button.

1. Retweeting Frenzy: Last week I unfollowed someone for retweeting (even though he retweeted me too). But why, you ask. Don’t people absolutely adore someone when they retweet them? Usually. But when I went through my feed after he retweeted me, I discovered that he retweeted almost all of Twitter. Dare I say it, he was a retweet whore. That tells me that he doesn’t really care what he puts out there. And if he doesn’t, I don’t.

2. Tweeting only lyrics or quotes: I want to follow you because you’re you, a unique individual with something to say. If most of your tweets are song lyrics or quotes, I’ll just follow the people who wrote them and leave you out of the conversation.

3. Inside conversations: You ever go somewhere with a couple and their entire conversation consists of inside stories you know nothing about? While they prattle on you’re stuck there trying to find a way to interject but just feeling like a third wheel when you do. People fill feeds with private conversations on twitter that we all have to listen to. I know this is a little antiquated but you could use a phone.

4. Insulting people or groups: Insulting anyone on Twitter (even if you really think they deserve it) is not a good idea. Why? Because there’s no good way that person can defend themselves whilst holding onto their dignity. It always turns into a flame war with people reverting to, “Nah uh” and “uh huh.” You can disagree with someone without insulting. And never ever make global accusations.

5. Profanity: I’m just not a cusser. While I understand the occasional @$#%@, if your vocabulary is that limited and it’s constant, see you later. Good rule of thumb for me: If I’d move away from you at a party, I will move away from you on Twitter.

6. The statisticians: Sound familiar? “This morning’s run: 4.2 miles in 36 minutes.” I have no idea what this means and if I should care. I know it means you run faster than me but most people do, so no biggie. Is this a good run for you? A bad run? Was this an achieved goal months in the making? I’m following you not your numbers.

7. The political ranters: You know that guy who sets up his little box on main street and yells all his views to passerbys. Usually people walk by trying not to make eye contact and praying he’s not ranting about something they agree with because that’s not going to do the cause any good. When you start ranting on Twitter, I just duck my head and walk the other way. I’m of the belief that political discussions go best when the people in them actually have to face each other.

8. See my cute kids: See my cute kids, see my cute kids, see my cute kids, see my cute kids. Do you see a pattern? This also can substituted with the words boyfriend, girlfriend, pet, etc.

9. Twitter as a journal: Today I went on picnic. This morning I had eggs for breakfast. Time for bed. I DON’T CARE.

10. They don’t follow me: I know this sounds a little petty, but I have unfollowed people for not following me. There are plenty of people  whom I follow who don’t follow me. These are people with something unique to say that I’m interested in. If you’re one of a thousand like you, I will unfollow you to follow someone else who will reciprocate. That being said, I’m totally okay if you decide to unfollow me for the same reason. Better for us to accept were not compatible and move on to other people. This also clears out the people who follow someone only to get the following back but then unfollow the person the next day.

Those that came close to the list depending on how often they do it: the bragger and complainers, but we all do that sometimes. A lot of these habits are totally okay in small doses (other than the insulting thing and the rant thing). Go ahead tell me about your kid or your run just have some other things to say too.

Why do you unfollow people?

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