Becoming Athletic

When people find out I ski, do triathlons, and a host of other outdoor stuff, they say, “Wow, you’re so athletic. I wish I could do that.” Here’s my deep down dark secret, I’m not athletic at all. When I hit my first steep turn mountain biking, I panicked, slammed on my brakes and tipped over. It took two months for me to get up on water skis. My triathlon swims usually end with me belching my way through the bike ride because of all the water I swallowed. The first season I skied, I was the only one in class who could tip over standing still. Here’s a little something I learned about becoming athletic. Continue reading “Becoming Athletic”

Mountain Biking for Klutzes

I am usually wiling to try most outdoor sports, but up until a few weeks ago mountain biking was not on that list. Bikes and I have always had a love hate relationship. I didn’t ride a bike that had handlebar breaks and gears until I was 22. That started with my legs pumping; my bike barely moving; my friend yelling, shift and me yelling back, how? Eventually, I learned to shift. But considering my unsteadiness on just a road bike, mountain biking seemed out of the question. Continue reading “Mountain Biking for Klutzes”

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