Ten Signs You Have a Gear Addiction

10. You have a drawer dedicated to ski clothes, another for swimsuits, and yet another for workout clothes.

9.You have four different helmets: climbing, skiing, biking, and four-wheeling.

8. Your bike matches your jersey, which matches your jacket, which matches your skis.

7. You’ve started buying dresses at sporting goods stores because that’s the only place you shop.

6. Your skis are 2014 and your car is 1989.

5. At any one time, your trunk could be turned into a sports pawnshop.

4. Liquify assets to you means to sell a bike.

3. People go to you instead of a rental shop.

2. You take a side job solely for the discounts on equipment.

1. You moved only because you ran out of storage space for gear and you want to pick up a new sport.

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