10 Things I Learned as a Ski Instructor

“Pee before you ski” isn’t just for kids. Those are words of wisdom for five or sixty-five year olds.

At lunch stuff your gloves, gator, and mittens into your helmet and hook it to the back of your chair. No more rolling around the table or floor and scratching up your goggles.

Put a chapstick in each coat.

There’s a good chance you’re skiing with the wrong equipment. If you bought  your ski boots because they felt comfortable, they’re probably too big.

Once you reach a certain age, keep a handful of ibuprofen in your pocket.

You need a ski lesson. (I know I’m biased but you need a ski lesson.)

You can hide a lot of bad skiing on the groomers but it comes out on the bumps.

Don’t bomb a green run; you just look silly.

You will never have enough ski equipment; never.

Don’t just ski from point a to point b, because along the way are trails, trees, jumps, and bumps you’re missing.


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