5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe in the Outdoors

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While taking my three nephews on a hike in the wilderness, I asked them what they would do if they got lost. Much to my utter shock and terror, they replied, “run around until we find help.” I had figured these smart and capable boys, the oldest around twelve, would know the most basic safety rule to follow. I learned a very valuable lesson that day.

Never assume a kid knows the basics of outdoor survival

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Five Common Mistakes Parents Make Teaching Kids to Ski

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As a ski instructor, I have a first row seat to parents teaching their kids to ski and the chaos that entails. I also get a lot of those same kids the next day when the parents realize they’re in over their heads. Even if you intend to put your kids in ski school for most days, these ski tips will help the time they ski with you. Below are five tips to help the day go much better and not end in tears—yours or theirs.

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Top 9 Utah Wildflowers

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Wildflowers growing high in the mountains have a very short season to show off their gorgeous blooms. To extend their blooming season, a few of these flowers have a secret super power. Some species of wildflowers, like the aptly named Avalanche Lilly, actually produce heat to melt off the last remaining snow around them to extend that season. Click here to see even more detailed descriptions.

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