Top 9 Utah Wildflowers

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Wildflowers growing high in the mountains have a very short season to show off their gorgeous blooms. To extend their blooming season, a few of these flowers have a secret super power. Some species of wildflowers, like the aptly named Avalanche Lilly, actually produce heat to melt off the last remaining snow around them to extend that season. Click here to see even more detailed descriptions.

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Winter Stalker: A Lost Gorge Mystery

Mina doesn’t believe in myths, but she does believe in murder.

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Mina Park, a river guide/ski instructor/part-time deputy/whatever-pays-the-bills-this-month, stumbles upon the remains of a human body in the snow at the local ski resort. Something had ripped it into pieces, leaving behind only one track, a bare footprint. A footprint twice the size of a normal man’s. Continue reading “Winter Stalker: A Lost Gorge Mystery”

When a Summer Day Turns Dangerous in a Flash Flood

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This waterfall formed after fifteen minutes of rain. We were boating up Forgotten Canyon in Lake Powell when the blinding downpour drove us into a small cove. Small waterfalls streamed down the rock walls on all sides as we tried to secure the rain cap over the boat, jostling us up and down in the waves.

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Summer Searcher: A Lost Gorge Mystery

Neither of them will survive the search alone.

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When a strange woman stumbles out of the mountains, disheveled and bleeding, begging for help to find a lost child, Sheriff Sol Chapa stops everything to search. Three days later, with no sign the girl even existed, sympathy turns to suspicion, and the woman disappears as quickly as she appeared. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Sol is haunted by the small chance that he failed. Continue reading “Summer Searcher: A Lost Gorge Mystery”

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