An Adventure to the Moqui Caves

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Moqui Caves are actually old mines where they carried out, of all things, sand. I’m not quite sure I understand this as the mine sits only a few minutes from miles of sand dunes. Perhaps, a low tech way to keep the pioneer kids out of trouble? The mines are on Highway 89 just north of Kanab, Utah.

Moqui Cave actually refers to a museum north of the main caves where the ancient and modern history of the region is preserved within the cliff side. I love the museum’s kitschy callback to the heyday of the 50s and 60s. Along with pictures and items for the heyday of the old movies shot in the area, there are the Native American pottery and other pieces.

The sand caves are accessed just south of the museum within a mile walk of the road and require a short non-technical climb up the red rock.

I love the kitschy callback to the heyday of the 50s and 60s.

I couldn’t help but use these caves as inspiration for my book Summer Searcher, where much of the action takes place in abandoned mines.

Moqui cave
The walls of the mine showcase the layers of minerals in the soil.
Moqui caves
The outside of the mines just down from the Moqui Cave Museum.

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Lost Gorge Mystery Series

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