Top Ten Signs You Have an Outdoor Gear Addiction

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You take time away from work and you spend all your paycheck, and yet enough is never enough. Gear addiction is a serious malady that once it sets in, it’s hard to beat. Read through these ten signs to determine if you need help. Help can be found at your nearest ski shop, bike shoo, or REI.

10. You have a drawer dedicated to ski clothes, another for swimsuits, and yet another for hiking clothes.

9. You have four different helmets: climbing, skiing, biking, and four-wheeling.

8. Your bike matches your jersey, which matches your jacket, which matches your skis.

7. You’ve started buying “dress” clothes at sporting goods stores because that’s the only place you shop.

6. Your skis are 2020 and your car is 1998.

5. At any one time, your trunk could be turned into a sports pawnshop.

4. To you liquefying assets means to sell a bike.

3. People go to you instead of a rental shop.

2. You moved only to find a place with more gear storage space.

1. You take a side job solely for the discounts on equipment and passes.

The only cure to this serious addiction . . . is more gear.

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