A Torn ACL and All I Got Was This Lousy Story

Like all my major injuries, the story that goes along with it sucks.

I was getting kids off a lift and when I turned to help the one on my left, the other one’s ski went under mine and swiped my leg out from underneath me. I felt a little silly about the entire thing until I found three other instructors who did the same thing the same way. I will say this for myself, I got those kids down the mountain and none of them had any idea I was injured. I did, however, ignore all requests to cut through trees and hit bumps.¬†For one run, I was the boring instructor. Continue reading “A Torn ACL and All I Got Was This Lousy Story”

Redneck Sports: Canal Waterskiing

For this month’s edition of Redneck Sports, we head to the canal. The long, hot nights of summer force people into some inventive situations. You have to take stock of what you have and see what you can do with it. We had:

  1. A four-wheeler
  2. Water skis
  3. A rope
  4. Two very willing boys

Add in a canal and you can kill some time. Nobody went more than 10 or 15 feet. But at least the driver didn’t drive into the canal (that video would’ve gone viral).

For those of you trying this at home, the canal was only a few feet deep and very slow moving, and we had about four or five adults all lined up and down the canal.

The Best Bait to Lure a Woman

My brother sent me to check out a posting in the classifieds that he was too far away to look at. As I pulled up to the house where I was supposed to meet this man, my alarm bells went off. I was in a sketchy neighborhood, meeting a man alone, and no one knew where I was. What if his ad was a trap to lure innocent women into his lair? Then I remembered that this was what he posted in the ad.

Continue reading “The Best Bait to Lure a Woman”

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