A Torn Ligament and All I Got was This Lousy Story

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Last time I ended up in Instacare, I walked into a pole and cut open my face. I swore the next time I got injured, I’d have a cool story. Instead, I trip in the grocery store parking lot and fall flat in front of several people. Someone asked if I was okay and I yelled without turning, “yes.” I grabbed my groceries and limped to my car.

By the time I got home, a goose egg had developed on my foot. I didn’t even know that was possible. When my toes went numb, I figured it was time to see the doctor. Luckily with only one week until opening day, I had only a torn ligament. It didn’t even hurt that bad after the first few days, and I had a foot that matched my nail polish just in time for the holidays. I did get to have this lovely conversation with the nurse, however.

Nurse: How did you hurt yourself?

Me: I tripped and fell.

Nurse: Over what?

Grumpy me: My own two feet.

Nurse: What were you doing?

Increasingly embarrassed me: Walking.

She continued with the questions, and I finally said, “I’m sorry. I wish the story was more interesting but I tripped and fell.”

At least I have proof of why I should be skiing and not walking.

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