Top Six Utah Hikes to See the Fall Colors

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Utah offers a wide array of gorgeous backdrops to experience the bright autumn colors from the mountains of the north to the red rock of the south. What’s especially noteworthy, is with our changes in elevation and climate, we get to experience fall for a lot longer than most places. While the trees are bare to the north come November, Thanksgiving is still a perfect time to visit southern Utah.

Read on to find some of my favorite spots.

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A Hike to the Oldest Trees in the World

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When we picture the oldest trees in the world, we often think of the giant, stately redwoods. However the rugged bristlecone forests of the high desert landscapes of America’s West make the redwoods look like teenagers. For thousands of years these gnarly trees have grown oblivious to the rise and fall of countless civilizations. Click on to find out where to discover these wonders.

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Why Women Struggle at Learning a New Sport and How to Get Past It

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I teach adults to ski and, while everyone’s different, there are some big differences between teaching men and women to ski. A common one—women are a lot more afraid to fail than the men. They are also a lot less confident in their skill—even though the men lack the same skills. Women HATE to be the one who stands out, who slows down the group. So what causes this and what can we do about it?

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Winter Stalker: A Lost Gorge Mystery

Mina doesn’t believe in myths, but she does believe in murder.

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Mina Park, a river guide/ski instructor/part-time deputy/whatever-pays-the-bills-this-month, stumbles upon the remains of a human body in the snow at the local ski resort. Something had ripped it into pieces, leaving behind only one track, a bare footprint. A footprint twice the size of a normal man’s. Continue reading “Winter Stalker: A Lost Gorge Mystery”

When a Summer Day Turns Dangerous in a Flash Flood

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This waterfall formed after fifteen minutes of rain. We were boating up Forgotten Canyon in Lake Powell when the blinding downpour drove us into a small cove. Small waterfalls streamed down the rock walls on all sides as we tried to secure the rain cap over the boat, jostling us up and down in the waves.

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