Sunsets and Stables: A Harvest Ranch Romance Book

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Mirabelle brings romance alive every Harvest Festival for her guests, but she’s bent on staying single. Will she fall in love before the last leaf falls?

After breaking up with a jerk of a fiancé, Mirabelle Mason used her life savings and then some to follow her dream hosting horseback rides in the mountains. When a social media influencer chooses her stable as a backdrop for a “surprise” marriage proposal, she’s destined to go viral.

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5 Tips for a Safe and Fun Winter Hike

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It never actually occurred to me to hike in the winter before COVID shut the ski resorts down. As a ski part-time ski instructor, all of my free time to explore the outdoors was claimed by skiing. Without that I was at a loss as to what to do with my Saturdays. Desperate to enjoy the outdoors but without the crowds, I discovered winter hiking. The first time I went, I threw my winter clothes in the car and drove to a spot without much thought beforehand. I’ve learned a lot since then. Here are five tips to have a safe and fun winter hike.

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Five Common Mistakes Parents Make Teaching Kids to Ski

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As a ski instructor, I have a first row seat to parents teaching their kids to ski and the chaos that entails. I also get a lot of those same kids the next day when the parents realize they’re in over their heads. Even if you intend to put your kids in ski school for most days, these ski tips will help the time they ski with you. Below are five tips to help the day go much better and not end in tears—yours or theirs.

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