A 30-Second Ski Lesson from a Ski Instructor: Part 2

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With the success of my first 30-second ski lesson, I am adding another lesson to the series. The biggest difference you can make in your skiing happens before you snap into your boots—in fact it happens before you even go up the mountain. Most skiers don’t realize you ski from your feet up.

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5 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Ski

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I’ve written a popular blog post on the 5 Mistakes Parents Make Teaching Their Kids to Ski. I figured it would be helpful to also give you tips on what to do right. Let’s face it, careening down the mountain yelling at your little one, “Pizza,” probably isn’t getting you very far. Use these tips to improve your kid’s ski day.

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Adventures Abound at Channel Island National Park

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While I love hiking and camping at my favorite national parks, Channel Islands ups the adventure to a whole new level. Sure, there’s hiking and camping but add on snorkeling, diving, and kayaking through caves; and you’ve got a whole new level of fun. Come explore above and below the ocean at this unique park

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5 Tips for a Better Ski Day No One Has Told You

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You’ve learned how to ski—or at least get down the mountain in once piece—but there are a few things that you’ll spend years figuring out. And some things you never figure out at all. From getting the right gear to the actual skiing, these tips will help you ski better and have a more fun day.

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Get Over Your Fears and Get Out Adventuring

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When folks find out I ski, hike, and other outdoor stuff, they say, “Wow, I wish I could be that athletic.” Here’s my secret, I’m not athletic. It took months for me to get up on water skis. My triathlon swims end with me in last place. The first season I skied, I tipped over standing still. Here are a few tips to get you out there.

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Top Survival Books and the Best Tips from Each

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Lots of books will teach you how to build a fire, but not all survival scenarios can be prepared for. These books talk more about the psychological aspect of survival. I’ve listed the top tips from each and how each one has or could save me. Apparently, I’m ripe for dying based on some psychological factors I’m working to fix.

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