5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe in the Outdoors

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While taking my three nephews on a hike in the wilderness, I asked them what they would do if they got lost. Much to my utter shock and terror, they replied, “run around until we find help.” I had figured these smart and capable boys, the oldest around twelve, would know the most basic safety rule to follow. I learned a very valuable lesson that day.

Never assume a kid knows the basics of outdoor survival

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10 Tips for Your First Triathlon

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There are plenty of tips out there for shaving time off your transition, improving your stroke, and finding the right shoes. But let’s face it, when it’s your first triathlon, the goal is to not drown and finish. Also, a lot of the tips to improve speed can be a little overwhelming and complicated to a first-time competitor. Sure, strapping your bike shoes to your pedals with rubberband saves 30 seconds but getting them flipped off without falling takes practice. Here’s a few triathlon tips to save you some trouble and help you survive.

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10 Things Never to Tell Someone at the Finish Line

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To celebrate my first race in five years (thanks to injuries, job changes, and COVID), I compiled a list of the absolute worst things to say to someone as they cross the finish line at a race. Here are a few favorites, many of which have been said to me.

10. Maybe running/biking/swimming just isn’t your thing.

9. Times aren’t everything.

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Crawling through the Abandoned Zoo in Griffith Park

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In the vicinity of Los Angles, lies Griffith Park, one of the largest urban parks in the country. Its 4,700 acres is home to an observatory, museum, zoo, several hiking trails, and the iconic Hollywood sign. But the most peculiar part is the abandoned zoo, a photographer’s dream. The zoo opened in 1912 but was abandoned in the 60s in favor of a new home a few miles away.

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Malibu Creek State Park

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Malibu Creek State Park is a gorgeous, year-round place to hike in the Santa Monica mountains. Visit in the winter and spring for beautiful green grasses and cool temps. Come in the summer when the heat in the Valley is unbearable for a dip in its cool waters. Return in the fall for a final hike before the winter rains. If hiking isn’t enough of a draw, the park used to be owned by a film studio and movie stars like Bob Hope and President Reagan and served as backdrop to many movies and TV shows. In fact one of the days I visited, a movie was being shot. Nothing like hiking past actors made up to be plane crash victims. Keep reading to find out which shows you can step into the background of.

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Sunsets and Stables: A Harvest Ranch Romance Book

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Mirabelle brings romance alive every Harvest Festival for her guests, but she’s bent on staying single. Will she fall in love before the last leaf falls?

After breaking up with a jerk of a fiancé, Mirabelle Mason used her life savings and then some to follow her dream hosting horseback rides in the mountains. When a social media influencer chooses her stable as a backdrop for a “surprise” marriage proposal, she’s destined to go viral.

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