ONE AMONG THEM Gear Giveaway

One-Among-Front-CoverIn ONE AMONG THEM (available on Amazon), Keenley Dawson escapes her captor only to find herself lost and alone in the rugged wilderness. In celebration of the book launch, I am giving away three prizes Keenley could’ve used to help survive her ordeal: Smartwool Socks, a Petzl Tikkina Headlamp, or an Ultimate Survival Technology Blanket.

Click here for a chance to win a prize or comment below on what your favorite hike is.

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One Among Them: A Lost Gorge Mystery

Available October 26 on Amazon

One-Among-Front-CoverThe town of Lost Gorge, hidden and protected from the world by the Rockies, hides some secrets of its own. When Keenley Dawson never returns home from mountain biking, the town unites to find her. Most everyone assumes she’s lost on the rugged trails or hurt.

She is lost and hurt, but it was no accident.

Download the first three chapters: One Among Them Sample.

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Skijoring: Combining Two Favorite Sports

My nephews stumbled on a way to combine their two favorite hobbies: skiing and horseback riding. What they didn’t know is that this hybrid sport has a name. Skijoring is Norwegian for “ski driving” and has been around a while—although no one is sure how long. Variations include getting pulled by a dog (or more likely a team) or a machine. Competitions exist wherever snow is deep enough to hold them, including the championships in Whitefish, Montana.

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