Harvest Ranch: A Clean, Small-Town Romance Series

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Welcome to Harvest Ranch, a small town sitting in the shadow of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Folks come here for some good Southern cooking and plenty of outdoor adventure but find love along the way—with a little luck. Fall in love with the people as they fall in love with each other. Scroll to start reading the series.

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A Weekend Itinerary for Bear Lake State Park

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Welcome to Bear Lake, Utah, nicknamed the Caribbean of the Rockies. With its sandy beaches and clear blue waters, this oasis in the high mountains is well worth a visit. Escape the heat of the lower valleys by surfing behind a boat, stand-up paddle boarding, and finishing the day with a giant raspberry shake.

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5 FREE Family-Friendly Activities Near Disneyland

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It’s that time of year when half of American families make its pilgrimage to Disneyland. After days of standing in lines, tripping over strollers, and buying tickets in the three figures; anyone can use a day away from the parks. Here are five free, family-friendly day trips within a short drive of Disneyland.

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5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe in the Outdoors

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While taking my three nephews on a hike, I asked them what to do if they got lost. Much to my utter shock and terror, they replied, “run around to look for help.” I had figured these smart and capable boys, the oldest around twelve, would know the most basic safety rule to follow. I learned a valuable lesson that day.

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A Step Into the Movies At Malibu Creek State Park

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Malibu Creek State Park is a gorgeous, year-round place to hike in the Santa Monica mountains and home to several film and tv settings. Visit in the winter and spring for beautiful green grasses and cool temps. Come in the summer when the heat in the Valley is unbearable for a dip in its cool waters.

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Seven Outdoor Dates Every Adventure Couple Must Go On

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If you’re a lover of outdoor adventure and looking for a partner who shares your passion, there are seven dates you must go on as your relationship grows from first date to last (whether it ends well or not). These dates are guaranteed to show you who your partner really is and if you have a future together.

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