10 Things Never to Tell Someone at the Finish Line

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To celebrate my first triathlon in five years (thanks to injuries, job changes, and COVID), I compiled a list of the absolute worst things to say to someone as they cross the finish line at a race. Here are a few of my favorites, many of which have been said to me (I’m a bit on the slow side).

10. Maybe running/biking/swimming just isn’t your thing.

9. Times aren’t everything.

8. What went wrong out there?

7. Did you see that eighty-year-old ahead of you?

6. Does this mean we can go home now?

5. Is it finally out of your system?

4. Maybe you should train harder next time.

3. They’re out of the cookies.

2. It’s good you’re done; they’re starting to take down stuff.

And the number one thing not to say is . . .

1. This CANNOT be said if you beat the person you’re saying it to. “Good job out there.” Translation: but not as good as me.

Has anyone ever said anything to you at the finish line that you just wanted to slug them for?

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3 thoughts on “10 Things Never to Tell Someone at the Finish Line

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  1. Haha this is great! Reminds me of a time I ran a 10K back in college. My dad ran the same race a few years earlier and had a better time. He liked to remind me for a few years that a middle-aged man could beat a college kid!

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  2. Lol, love this! I agree with the last one. Not so much something someone said to me but my partner at the time flew with me support me in my first ever half marathon and then got so drunk the night beforehand that he missed the entire race and barely made it to the finish line in time. Was so annoyed – though had he said any of these things to me I would’ve lost it 🙂

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