Get Over Your Fears and Get Out Adventuring

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When folks find out I ski, hike, and other outdoor stuff, they say, “Wow, I wish I could be that athletic.” Here’s my secret, I’m not athletic. It took months for me to get up on water skis. My triathlon swims end with me in last place. The first season I skied, I tipped over standing still. Here are a few tips to get you out there.

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A Weekend Itinerary for Goblin Valley State Park

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Goblin Valley is my favorite state park. If you could do me a solid and stay away, I’d appreciate it. This incredible place makes you feel like a five-year-old again. Most folks drive past the turn-off on their way from Capitol Reef to Arches or on their way to Lake Powell. It’s well worth a a stop and a long weekend.

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5 FREE Family-Friendly Activities Near Disneyland

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It’s that time of year when half of American families make its pilgrimage to Disneyland. After days of standing in lines, tripping over strollers, and buying tickets in the three figures; anyone can use a day away from the parks. Here are five free, family-friendly day trips within a short drive of Disneyland.

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Top Ten Things Outdoor Women Say

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Outdoor women are a breed apart—yet, a rapidly growing breed. From races to trails, we’re redefining what it means to be feminine in today’s world. A lot of us still want to look good, but we’re no longer willing to sacrifice adventure for looks. There are things we say and do that may not be the norm but definitely define us.

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Free Printable for Autumn Activities BINGO Card

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It’s time for a Halloween Party and new activity to get to know everyone! Add a lot more fun to your fall with these autumn BINGO cards. The game is simple, call out the fall activity and the first person who has done five in a row this season, wins! The game can be done in person or online through multiple posts.

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Why Women Struggle to Learn a Sport and What To Do

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I teach adults to ski and, while everyone’s different, there are some differences between teaching men and women. A common one—women are a lot more afraid to fail than men. They are also a lot less confident in their skill—even though the men lack the same skills. Women HATE to be the one who stands out.

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