10 Things Never to Tell Someone at the Finish Line

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To celebrate my first race in five years (thanks to injuries, job changes, and COVID), I compiled a list of the absolute worst things to say to someone as they cross the finish line at a race. Here are a few favorites, many of which have been said to me.

10. Maybe running/biking/swimming just isn’t your thing.

9. Times aren’t everything.

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Why Women Struggle at Learning a New Sport and How to Get Past It

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I teach adults to ski and, while everyone’s different, there are some big differences between teaching men and women to ski. A common one—women are a lot more afraid to fail than the men. They are also a lot less confident in their skill—even though the men lack the same skills. Women HATE to be the one who stands out, who slows down the group. So what causes this and what can we do about it?

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Being Athletic and Feminine

A tweet went the rounds this week quoting an accomplished female athlete. She was asked in an interview if there was anything she didn’t play as a child and her derisive response, “Dolls.” As my finger hovered over the retweet button, I thought, But what’s wrong with playing with dolls?

Lately in society we are presented with two type of women: the princess type with a hair never out of place who wears heels everywhere and the nerd or athlete who eschews all things feminine. Continue reading “Being Athletic and Feminine”

Becoming Athletic

When people find out I ski, do triathlons, and a host of other outdoor stuff, they say, “Wow, you’re so athletic. I wish I could do that.” Here’s my deep down dark secret, I’m not athletic at all. When I hit my first steep turn mountain biking, I panicked, slammed on my brakes and tipped over. It took two months for me to get up on water skis. My triathlon swims usually end with me belching my way through the bike ride because of all the water I swallowed. The first season I skied, I was the only one in class who could tip over standing still. Here’s a little something I learned about becoming athletic. Continue reading “Becoming Athletic”

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