Free Printable for Autumn Activities BINGO Card

It’s time for a Halloween Party and new activity to get to know everyone! Add a lot more fun to your fall with these autumn BINGO cards. The game is simple, call out the fall activity and the first person who has done five in a row this season, wins! The game can be done in person or online through multiple posts.

Click on the link below for the printable PDF.

Use this interactive activity to tell some fun memories and stories! It’s a great way to start a conversation and get to know your loved ones. Share the memory of the time you lost your grandkids in a cornmaze (or is this just my mom?) or time I drove to see the fall colors and almost hit a photographer and bride (who stands in the middle of the road?).

Downloadable Autumn Activities BINGO Card

Cuddle up this fall with a sweet romance. Mirabelle brings romance alive each autumn for her guests, but she’s determined to stay single. Will her heart be stolen before the last leaf falls?

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