Top Ten Things Outdoor Women Say

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Outdoor women are a breed apart—yet, a rapidly growing breed. From races to trails, we’re redefining what it means to be feminine in today’s world. A lot of us still want to look good, but we’re no longer willing to sacrifice adventure for looks. There are things we say and do that may not be the norm but definitely define us.

10. Do we have exfoliating soap? I need to scrub the race number off my arm.

9. I would buy a new wardrobe, but I’m saving for skis (or harness, or bike, or other favorite toy).

8. Does my ball cap match this shirt and why can’t I wear my ball cap on a date?

7. I need waterproof mascara but not like ‘that was a sad movie waterproof,’ but ‘I just slammed my face into a rapid waterproof’ mascara.

6. You’ve never been camping? I’m not sure we’ll have a second date.

5. Sure, it’s a nice car but can I get my SUP board on top?

4. I would go out for drinks but I want to make first tracks in the morning.

3. If I haven’t ran at least three miles before breakfast, my day can’t start.

2. To the pedicurist: Do not file off my callous, it took too long for me to create it.

1.if it’s liquid soap that can’t do my dishes AND wash my hair while I’m camping, it’s not worth carrying. (Courtesy of Katie at

And one they will never say, I can’t jump in the water because I just did my hair.

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11 thoughts on “Top Ten Things Outdoor Women Say

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  1. There are so many I can think of! But the most prevalent across all of the outdoor stuff I get into involves a common theme…

    “I didn’t shower once during my week-long backpacking trip, but my ultimate record is two weeks during a climbing trip!”

    or, similarly,

    “if it’s liquid soap that can’t do my dishes AND wash my hair while I’m camping, it’s not worth carrying.”

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  2. Before heading out on multi-day trips and leaving the comfort of indoor plumbing and a warm house, I often have this silly mindset that I WILL wash my hair/self on the trail no matter what. I pack biodegradable shampoo and a camp towel and I even look up streams and lakes by the campsites I plan on staying at. As it turns out, the last thing that I want to do after a 20km day of hiking in +5 to -2 degrees temperatures is hop in to an icy cold glacier fed river and rinse off…

    “I’ll wash my hair tomorrow”


  3. Lol so true!

    The one about drinking vs first tracks in the morning is very true for both men and women here in Vancouver! My husband’s work is full of people who moved from London. They used to all go drinking on Friday nights…but here hardly anyone does here because we want to be out hiking in summer or skiing in winter. It’s such a pleasant culture shock. 🙂

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