10 Things I Learned as a Ski Instructor

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I’ve learned more about skiing as an instructor than I ever could as a student. Whether it’s improving my skills or just making my day go much easier, these helpful ski tips work if you’re eight or eighty. Scroll through for lessons that will make your day more comfortable and more fun.

10. “Pee before you ski” isn’t just for kids. Those are words of wisdom for five or sixty-five year olds.

9. At lunch stuff your gloves, gator, and mittens into your helmet and hook it to the back of your chair. No more rolling around the table or floor and scratching up your goggles.

8. Put a chapstick in each coat and a snack in your pocket.

7. There’s a good chance you’re skiing with the wrong equipment. If you bought your ski boots because they felt comfortable, they’re probably too big.

6. Once you reach a certain age, keep a handful of ibuprofen in your pocket.

5. You need a ski lesson. (I know I’m biased but you need a ski lesson.)

4. You can hide a lot of bad skiing on the groomers but it comes out on the bumps. Leave the piste now and then if you ever want to improve.

3. Don’t bomb a green run; you just look silly.

2. You will never have enough ski equipment; never.

1. Don’t just ski from point A to point B, because along the way are trails, trees, jumps, and bumps you’re missing. Ski with a child and a run you’ve done a thousand times will become a whole new adventure.


The snow is falling in Lost Gorge, filling the resort with skiers. When one goes up the lift but never comes down, it’s up to ski instructor Mina Park to search through the blizzard. What she finds changes the town forever. While Mina doesn’t believe in myths, she does believe in murder.

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7 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned as a Ski Instructor

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  1. Lol yeeees to peeing before skiing. My husband always gets a bit mad that I always go before we get started….but it really helps!

    I totally agree about needing ski lessons, and needing to get off the main runs into the bumps to really improve. I am still really rubbish off the groomed runs – it feels like I have suddenly forgotten everything. But then, later when I get back on the groomed runs I realize those stressful bumpy moments are what help me to loosen up and improve.

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  2. I totally agree with #6. The ski slopes require a lot of vitamin I for a retiree. But I still like to be out there skiing. I can’t wait for ski season to start here although it will be very different this year at the resorts. I just read that my local ski resort built 50 6person warming shelters. Wild. I got a chuckle out of some of your 10 things.

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  3. I’ve only gone skiing once (when I was 7 and learning), but these are all great lessons! I try to keep chapstick with me everywhere I go and I am allll for peeing before going anywhere, haha.

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