5 FREE Family-Friendly Activities Near Disneyland

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It’s that time of year when half of American families make its pilgrimage to Disneyland. After days of standing in lines, tripping over strollers, and buying tickets in the three figures; anyone can use a day away from the parks. Here are five free, family-friendly day trips within a short drive of Disneyland.

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What It’s Like Visiting a Ski Resort During the Pandemic

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After the early closure of 2020, it’s finally time to ski but we’re looking at a season like no other. Before you book your trip, here’s what it’s actually like to visit a ski resort during the pandemic and whether it’s worth it or you should wait until another season. Every resort is taking serious measures but those can vary.

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A 30-Second Ski Lesson from a Ski Instructor: Part 1

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There is one skill in skiing that if you can master it, you’ll be skiing the entire mountain and all the terrain in no time. Of course, as simple as the concept is to understand it’s much harder to perfect. Take thirty seconds in your ski day to improve you ski skills by doing one of the following easy drills:

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A Torn ACL and All I Got Was This Lousy Story

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Like all my major injuries, the story that goes along with it sucks. I was helping kids off a lift and when I turned to grab the one on my left, the other one’s ski went under mine and swiped my leg out from under me. I felt a little silly about the entire thing but figured a few weeks of ice and ibuprofen and I’d be fine. Wrong!

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