Harvest Ranch: A Clean, Small-Town Romance Series

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Welcome to Harvest Ranch, a small town sitting in the shadow of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Folks come here for some good Southern cooking and plenty of outdoor adventure but find love along the way—with a little luck. Fall in love with the people as they fall in love with each other. Scroll to start reading the series.

Sunsets and Stables

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After breaking up with a jerk of a fiancé, Mirabelle Mason used her life savings and then some to follow her dream hosting horseback rides in the mountains. When a social media influencer chooses her stable as a backdrop for a “surprise” marriage proposal, she’s destined to go viral.

All is likes and love until the half-million-dollar engagement ring goes missing. If Mirabelle doesn’t find the diamond in a week, the influencer will destroy her reputation, and she’ll go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Having been forced to retire from the FBI for going after the wrong billionaire, Danny Cabrera is biding his time as a small-time, small-town security guard. He needs to focus on getting his career back in New York, not on helping the chaotic woman covered in horse manure find a trinket in the wilderness. Except he’s got a knack for getting to the truth and he still likes saving the day.

Determined not to make the same mistake twice, Mirabelle has sworn off men. Only the clock is ticking, and she finds herself needing Danny—and even more worrisome, wanting him. Can she find the ring and love without losing herself?

Campfires and Kisses

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Rielle rarely saw her parents, but she found a surrogate father in John, the owner of a nearby children’s camp. Now he’s left half of it to her. A dream come true—except she has to share her inheritance with John’s neglectful son who abandoned his father years ago.

Sutton wants nothing more than to sell the rundown camp and its bitter memories—his dad was the perfect dad to every kid except his own son. 

The camp has fallen on hard times, and Rielle doesn’t have the money to buy out Sutton. With their last dollar, they plan a singles camp—promising adventure and love. Someone starts the rumor the old enemies are engaged, and suddenly the camp sells out.

All Sutton and Rielle need to do is fake the engagement for a week. Then they can finally disappear from each other’s lives . . . if that’s what they still want.

Mountains and Mistletoe

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It’s Christmas in Harvest Ranch and couples are lining up under the mistletoe—except for Nia and Darius. She doesn’t believe in dating a guy more than three times and he’s out of the dating game for good. Maybe a Christmas miracle is in store this snowy season for this stormy couple.

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