The Biggest Celebrities in the Mountains

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Forget Sundance and the Hollywood stars it draws—the biggest celebrities in the mountains drawing out all the photographers, paparazzi, and tourists are the moose. From cars lined up in the canyons to hikers lined up on the trail, everyone has to get a shot of the reclusive creature.

2017-07-02 10.07.16
Some are a little more shy than others.

Phones and cameras are snapping shot after shot of the elusive celebrities who only come out for a few short weeks. July is THE month in the Wasatch mountains to enjoy these elusive beasts as they come down to feed.

The moose literally stop traffic.
Strike a pose.
2017-07-02 12.16.33
Want to find the elusive beast? Start up the trail and everyone will spread the word until a crowd gathers.
And sometimes, if you’re extremely lucky, you spot four at once.
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