Winter Stalker: A Lost Gorge Mystery

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Mina Park, a river guide/ski instructor/part-time deputy/whatever-pays-the-bills-this-month, stumbles upon the remains of a human body in the snow at the local ski resort. Something had ripped it into pieces, leaving behind only one track, a bare footprint. A footprint twice the size of a normal man’s.

A mystery book, mystery series

Before the authorities can label the death an animal attack or murder, a bunch of Bigfoot crazies descend on the town in hopes of finally spotting the elusive beast. One man in particular, Ryan Lehman, has experienced something like this before and was branded a fanatic and a liar for claiming Bigfoot committed the crime. He’s been chasing the myth and personal vindication ever since.

When there’s another death, much closer to home, Mina and Ryan must team up despite their differences, to face down the beast—or the beast in the man—before someone else dies.

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