Ghost Hunting in Historic Camp Floyd

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Historic Camp Floyd in Utah hosts ghost hunts three weekends a year in October, opening their hundred-year-old inn, museum, and cemetery to prying eyes and cameras. The night started off with instructions on how to spot the ghosts; then the lights were extinguished and off we went to find the spooky specters.

The night culminated in the cemetery down the road. When the army abandoned the camp, they tore down most of the buildings, leaving the cemetery unmarked. In 2009, penetrating radar identified thirty graves. These were marked with stones labeled “unknown.” With a lack of war, most soldiers died of disease and accident with a few being taken by murder and suicide.

Camp Floyd Cemetery at night
A few of the unknown graves.

All in all, a different kind of Halloween activity. The kids loved running around with the cameras and scanners to attract ghosts. The next day we had to compare photos to see how many ghosts we’d captured. It was fun imagining all that we couldn’t see. Camp Floyd is in Fairfield on highway 73, about 15 miles west of Camp Williams road. Check out the website for reservations.

Left below: An example of what ribbons from identifying ghosts would look like —if I hadn’t spotted my nephew taking the shot while moving. The “orb” above is the moon. Right below:

This one of the few shots where got an orb that couldn’t be explained away. A few other people got shots of ribbons here as well.
At first glance, we marveled at the ghost like skeleton hands in this photo my sister-in-law took. Then we zoomed in and realized it was me scanning for ghosts with my phone. Oops.
Two bullet holes grace the walls of this inn room. They say often times you’ll see ghosts passing time in chairs.

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