Edge of the Cedars State Park (Museum)

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In the southeast corner of Utah, lies this gem of a museum. Built in the city of Blanding, the park sits on the site of an ancient pueblo settlement. The museum contains a large collection of ancient artifacts and outside are a few pueblos. One of which has a ladder leading into a 1,000-year-old kiva.

Puebloan peoples populated this site from AD 825 to 1125. The museum is home to the largest pottery collection in the four-corners area. What made this place unique is the re-creation of petroglyphs on walls throughout with interpretations provided.

Edge of the Cedars petroglyphs.

Outside is the pueblo village. There is only one pueblo, as descendants have requested no more digging at the site.

Park facilities include an interpretive trail around the ruin, outdoor sculptures, and a picnic area.

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