A Natural Waterslide at Gunlock State Park

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Gunlock State Park may appear as an oasis in the desert, but it’s more of a mirage. Blink and you’ll miss it. This usually quiet and small reservoir in southwestern Utah, turns into a water park for a short time of year in the spring and some years not at all. It’s well worth the trip when it’s running.

This particular year came after a record-breaking winter snowfall. As long as the reservoir is at capacity, the waters flow out of it. Spring is your best bet for playing in its pools.

There are a few places for cliff diving, but I wouldn’t recommend the higher spots although several teenage boys were jumping (but teenage boys are bulletproof and I am not). There is no designated campsite but a few RVs had taken up residence in the parking lot and a few primitive sites.

While big enough for skiing, it’s not ideal. But a perfect lake for paddling, rowing, and swimming. It’s also home to a three-mile hike up a slot canyon. Definitely a place to visit again and again.

This usually quiet reservoir turns into a water park for a short time of year and some years not at all. Don’t miss it!

Gunlock Waterfalls
2019-04-13 15.35.54
Yes, it’s cold!

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4 thoughts on “A Natural Waterslide at Gunlock State Park

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  1. I love that the world is full of these kind of small but amazing nature sights. And sometimes you have to be there at the right time to be able to experience it! I had to Google where this is and the name on the map is very descriptive: Recreation resevoir amid red rocks.

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  2. This looks like such a fun place to explore! I feel like there are so many state parks we never hear of — it’d be cool to get to check this out someday. Natural waterslides are awesome!

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