Hiking and Biking at Dead Horse Point State Park

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Dead Horse Point is far more than a panoramic selfie-setting, it’s a jaw-dropping backdrop for camping, hiking, and mountain biking. The views up there are a million years in the making. With a drive 2,000 feet up from the Colorado River below, the temperatures cool and offer respite from the desert below.

No trip to Moab, Utah, is complete without a drive up Highway 313 to both Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands National Park: Island in the Sky. Be sure to hike along the ridge trail to fully enjoy the view.

Book early if you want to camp during peak season. You might also have to elbow your way to the edge for the selfie.

The views up there are a million years in the making.

2017-04-29 14.49.54

For a an outdoor adventure without ever having to get outside, check out the Lost Gorge Mystery series!

Lost Gorge Mystery Series

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