The Marina at Great Salt Lake State Park

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The Great Salt Lake is the largest salt lake in the western hemisphere and the eighth largest in the world. Its ever-changing shores and multitude of islands offer a unique adventure. Take a few hours to launch a boat, float in the water, or walk the beaches. (That pile of white stuff isn’t snow; it’s salt!)

When early explorers first caught sight of the expansive lake, they thought the Pacific Ocean was finally in view. Unfortunately for them, the ocean was another 700 or so miles down the trail. Fortunately for Utah, the lake provides a plethora of activities and our own weather system that contributes to the “Greatest Snow on Earth.”

If water sports are your thing, sailing is your best option on this salty sea. Said to be one of the trickier lakes to navigate with its shallow waters changing on a dime. It is home to its own yacht club. You can also bring the kids out swimming and discover the buoyancy of salt.

If hiking is more your adventure, several island trails offer unparalleled sunset hikes. (Island is a loose term out here as the waters depths change many islands to peninsulas). Antelope Island offers hiking, history, and buffalo.

The changing shorelines also offer a picturesque close-up of the salt formations. These salt crystals are created by water evaporation.

2016-10-08 11.14.00

For an outdoor adventure without ever having to get outside, check out the Lost Gorge Mystery series!

Lost Gorge Mystery Series

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