5 Haunted Halloween Hikes in Utah

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If you’re looking for a more excited and less crowded Halloween activity, go on a Halloween Hike! These five Utah hikes will bring in the fun and scary spirit of the season. Instead of staying up late at a party, get up early for some outdoor adventure. Scroll through for the silly, creepy, and downright haunted.

Lake Solitude

This tiny pond sits at the site of an old miner’s camp that was destroyed by an avalanche. Sadly, several miners asleep in the shack were killed while those in the mine itself were saved. Legend has it, the miners still haunt area. The mine is still accessible but difficult to find. I’ve skied over the top of it many, many times without knowing what lies beneath.

For a safer and more kid-friendly adventure, check out the caved-in mine on the left side of the lake as you’re coming up to the lake.

Looking across the lake from the caved-in mine to where the mine shack stood before it was destroyed by an avalanche.
The miners who were inside this mine managed to survive the avalanche.

Ghost Falls

We start out with a good hike for the little kiddies! This one made the list based on its name alone—not on the scare factor. The little ones will love the distance and the name. And like all of the best hikes for kids, it has water. Ghost Falls is named such because it disappears at times due to low water. Try again in the spring if it’s vanished for the year.

This trail is in the Corner Canyon area of Draper, Utah.

Goblin’s Lair (Chamber of the Basilisk)

Goblin’s Lair is an oft-missed part of Goblin Valley State Park. I had visited the park several times but never made the short hike. Beguile the kids with tails of the goblins who call the cavern home. Don’t stop exploring once you descend into its creepy depths. On the same wall of the entrance is another small cave waiting to be explored. This trail requires a small amount of scrambling for kids, which ups the adventure factor!

This trail is in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah.

The entrance to the Lair is hidden from sight.
Drop into the Lair. To the left is another cave to explore.
If you’re up for more of an adventure, some rappel in from above.

Spooky Slot Canyon

Spooky has well earned its name. With its high walls, much of this canyon never experiences daylight. The tight walls require going sideways for long distances, making it a no-go for a lot of people. DO NOT attempt if you are larger framed. The tight turns keep you from knowing what’s around the corner—making each step an adventure.

Spooky Slot Canyon is in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Park, Utah.

You can go through or you can go over.
Hard to believe, but this hole is the trail. Hold your breath and squeeze through.
The spookiest part of Spooky Canyon.

Memory Grove/City Creek

You can’t have a Halloween hike list without including one haunted hike. Memory Grove stands at the base of City Creek Canyon. As the story goes, a married couple was driving down the canyon after their wedding. Some sort of massive accident occurred killing both occupants but only the husband’s headless corpse was found. If you come down the canyon after dark, you can spot the bride in her blood-stained white dress. In some stories she is looking for her husband; in others she is carrying his head.

Memory Grove is in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

The creek divides the the trail from the road.
Memory Grove is named for the several memorials throughout the park.

For a an outdoor adventure without ever having to get out, check out the Lost Gorge Mystery series!

Lost Gorge Mystery Series

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